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Immunet antivirus software works to protect against today's online threats. Using community awareness, it is guaranteed to give you optimal protection while never slowing down your PC. Start your FREE download now!

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For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Tested Spyware & Virus Free | Installer Size: 1MB | Download Time: <1 min

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Immunet Free AntiVirus Features

Fast Antivirus

Immunet utilizes the speed of cloud computing to bring you real time protection that won't interfere with or hinder your PC's performance.

Real-time Cloud-based Detection

The real time cloud based detection feature ensures that you are always protected against new and emerging threats. Our database is constantly updated with the newest information on viruses, malware, bots, worms, keyloggers and all other types of online threats.


Big updates can compromise your computers speed. By connecting to the cloud you automatically receive small frequent updates, benefiting both your computers performance, and safety.

Small Footprint

Immunet is light on your machine, and uses low disk and memory space. It is up to 35 times lighter than competing antivirus programs.

Collective Immunity

This feature acts quick to protect all users the minute a new threat is discovered on any users machine.

Companion Antivirus

Most antivirus programs don't fully protect you from all threats, and many people don't know that their computers are under protected. Immunet is easily compatible with any existing antivirus programs you might have installed on your PC. It adds an extra layer of protection to ensure you are fully covered.

Intelligent Scans

Immunet offers several scan options to choose from. A Flash Scan, which analyses the Process and Registry, a Custom Scan which scans specified files and directories, and a Full System Scan which examines the entire machine. Each scan closely inspects all data and alerts you of any potential threats.


Free customer support is offered through our Technical Support line. Our representatives can assist you with the installation process, virus and speed issues, and any other questions you have.

Free Download
For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Tested Spyware & Virus Free | Installer Size: 1MB | Download Time: <1 min