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You can use Flash Player Pro to not only play, but also modify Flash files. It comes with a friendly user interface that you can use to browse Adobe Flash movies, watch tv shows, movies, music videos as well as local Flash video files. You can also create Flash screensaverys, converyt between SWF and EXE Flash movies, and many more. Start your FREE download now!

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For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

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Flash Player Pro Features

Play Flash Movies

Flash Player Pro comes with the built-in player you can play any Flash game, movie or file from the Internet or on your computer. You have the option of playing games and watching movies in full-screen mode or in a separate window.

Create Wallpapers For Your Desktop

You can capture the current movie image when a flash movie is playing and easily set it as your desktop wallpaper!

Extremely Easy to Use

Flash Player Pro's interface is built with ease of use in mind. The interface displays your folders, files, and a shows an area that can preview the Flash movies on your computer by just clicking on them. This is a great feature saving you time when you are trying to locate a specific movie or file to watch.

SWF/EXE Converting Tool

This amazing program allows you to convert your Flash movies into an executable file (EXE format). Using this feature will allow you to view the Flash movie without requiring an external player, or will take the Flash movies from an EXE file and convert them to a regular Flash format.

Screensaver Maker

You can also make a great screensaver from a Flash movie with just a few mouse clicks with Flash Player Pro! You can then share this screensaver with others to use on their own computers.

Favorites Folder

Flash Player Pro allows you to save your favorite Flash files and movies to a custom Favorites folder. This folder will make browsing and watching your favorite Flash movies simple and easy to do.

Free Download
For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Tested Spyware & Virus Free | Installer Size: 1MB | Download Time: <1 min