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JRE is an abbreviation for Java Runtime Environment. Java is a programming language and since it is a newer language, it is not natively supported by all operating systems. Therefore, a Java Runtime Environment is required for Java applets and Java applications to run. JRE is developed by Sun Microsystems Inc. and includes the Java Virtual Machine libraries and components, which are necessary to run programs that are written in Java. The JRE is available for multiple computer platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Unix, and provides a runtime environment in which Java programs can run. It works with all popular browsers and allows you to use programs written for chat, online games and many more applications. Start your FREE download now!

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Java Features


Java is designed for cross-platform deployment, which means no matter where you are using it, it will run the way it was designed. Whether on a MAC, PC, Tablet, browsers such as Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer or Opera, you shouldn't have any issues with Java.

Global Usage

Java is the foundation many applications and devices for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering Web-based content, games, tablet and mobile devices and enterprise software.

Quick Installation

In order to run applications designed on the Java platform you need to install the appropriate software. Installation is a simple download that takes you through an easy process for installing Java on your machine, enabling it for every browser. Once installed, it will automatically check for new versions for easy upgrades.


JRE (Java Runtime Environment) does not cost anything to download and use. The basic version is free and it enables you to use access millions of software and applets that require Java to run. You will need to download and install it in order to run the application you are interested in.

Millions of Applications

Java is one of the largest software platforms in the world, used by millions of programs. Games, utilities, web applications, and more are accessible to anyone with Java installed on their machine.

Easy to Use

After you install JRE, you do not need to configure or worry about anything else to start using Java-enabled applications. Java will run automatically when it is needed and stay out of your way when it's not.

Free Download
For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Tested Spyware & Virus Free | Installer Size: 1MB | Download Time: <1 min